The winner of the 2017 Indigenous Music & Media Award is Eric William Avery.

Eric is a gifted violinist, composer & dancer who is currently working with Marrugeko Dance Theatre as a dancer, choreographer & composer.

He studied at NAISDA Dance College where he has also had the opportunity to contribute as a composer & choreographer, & has undertaken a mentorship with the Australian Ballet.

As a composer he has written for The Black Arm Band, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra & numerous other projects of his own initiative.

He is currently studying a Batchelor of Music at the Aust. Institute of Music & studying violin with Sarah Curro (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra) and Matthew Bruce (Brandenburg Chamber Orch.)

Eric’s work is driven by his passion to share the ancient songs and narratives of his family tribes & he plans to use this award to facilitate research at the Aust Institute of Aboriginal & Torres St Islander Studies into the history and culture of his ancestors – to compose a new work for the Marrugeko Dance Theatre.We are privileged to be able to play a small part in supporting the development of such a unique and talented voice.

 Previous Winners of the Award

Marcus Corowa – 2015

Natasha Lawrence – 2012

Isaac Parsons – 2010

Matthew Priestley – 2009