This song promotes a message of reconciliation and working together for indigenous and non-indigenous communities. It was created by Desert Pea Media with students from Boggabilla Central School in remote north west NSW, as part of their hip hop literacy program.

Smugglers of Light Foundation have supported the production of the song, which is currently getting airplay on Triple J. This film clip was produced by Desert Pea Media, in partnership with the Smugglers of Light.

About Hip Hop Media

Hip hop literacy is a ground breaking media mentoring technique, focusing on the relationship between indigenous young people and contemporary mainstream music. This hugely successful, innovative technique effectively engages young people, enables a healthy dialogue around local issues and cultural education.


Engaging young people through hip hop storytelling builds literacy and rhythmic numeracy in a non-confrontational, culturally relevant way. Manipulating an ‘americanised’ musical form to explore local ideas, advocate awareness of local issues and celebrate local culture and community.


The content of our media outcomes focus on a message of tolerance and cultural understanding – across the schoolyard and also the community. Our short programs create opportunities for young people of all backgrounds to learn, create and communicate relevant contemporary stories in a way that directly accesses their peer groups.


Telling their stories across a relevant cultural platform, young people can increase rates of literacy, attendance and develop a sense of pride in community, country and culture. Featuring a unique mentoring process, we model a microcosm for reconciliation, creating opportunities for participants to see and understand the process of living and working together.