On behalf of the Smugglers of Light Foundation, we thank you for your generous assistance. Your donation will be utilized to maximum effect over the coming year in a number of exciting projects. The recipient of this years annual training foundation fellowship is Isaac Parsons from the Ngeamba nation, Brewarrina. We are pleased to offer Isaac our backing as he ventures into the next stage of his film making career studying Graduate Certificate Documentary at the Australian Film, Television & Radio School.

In April 2010, we proudly sponsored stage one of Step by Step in partnership with Desert Pea Media. Based in the flat country region of the Kamilaroi Nation in northwest NSW, this program aims to build a localized network of cultural media & storytelling groups around the region, offering long term & sustainable processes to educate, empower & advocate awareness of social & cultural issues.

The Aboriginal Justice / PI Boyz project, produced by the foundation (in partnership with Desert Pea Media) in 2009 has been very successful in drawing attention to the Doomadgee inquest and the plight of the Bwgcolman tribe on Palm Island Qld. The song is enormously popular on community radio throughout Australia & has been generating a steady stream of royalties for the foundation through commercial airplay.

In the Sydney Morning Herald (June 18th 2010), Palm Island resident Kiefer Walsh (PI Boyz) was quoted as saying that prior to writing this song “We spent our time smoking and breaking in and fighting and stuff like that”. But no more. “It got me out of trouble, and made me better. I started making music and it got me into school.” In May 2010 the PI Boyz, having never performed in public prior, received a standing ovation for their performance of  Aboriginal Justice on the main stage at the Stylin’ Up Festival in Inala Brisbane to a crowd of over 10,000.

More information on these projects can be found on this website, which will be updated as developments occur. Most of our foundation funding is drawn from our immediate family, close friends & colleagues from the film & music industries. These are people who share a desire to support our work in indigenous communities.


Donald Westlake (founder)
Kennedy Miller Mitchell
John Bell & Anna Volska
Constance & Henry H Stonnington
Sid & Margaret French
Essential Media
Heather J. Westlake and David G. Barr
Dorothy Alderdice
The Streckfuss Family
Donald J. Farrands
Mal McKissock
Laura Danckwerts
Kristin Westlake
Primrose Long
The Elphick Family
Bruce Beresford
Professor Stephen & Helga Angyal
Jessica Farrands
Barbara Macrae
Peter & Anne Kaleski
Peter & Andrea Loquet
Joe Wolfe
Tim & Chris Kain
Gordon Kerry
Ros Dunlop
Kathy Selby
Daniel Brooks & Fiona Boneham

Ms Betty Gray
Anne & Sheldon Harber
Jo Truman
Jenni and Colin Meumann
Jocelyn Gardner
Colin Smith (Uncle Col)
Martin and Alison Watts
Vicki Winton
Rose Neville
Jennifer Hershon
Brigitte Jonas
Stewart Taylor
Dee and Marcelo Costantini
Denise Thompson
Sally Chapman
Robyn Loquet
Tony Loquet
Joanne Tory
Susan Masterton-Lock
Lorna Lander
Graeme Leak
Caroline Gyucha
Alex Leak
Gordon Kerry
Jenny & John Davies
Leigh & Margaret Conley
Danielle Joynt

Hannie Rayson
Michael Cathcart
Philip Cooney
Peter Wesley-Smith
Martin Wesley-Smith
Simon Westlake
Alex & Julie Bishop
Julia & Lance Shofer
Jonathon Adams
Waving Cat Productions
KL Williams & CJ Dovey
Ross Manwaring
Jackson Leak
Hardie Grant Books
Kristina Brenner
J F Thomson
Mrs M. Thomason
William & Ava Hubble
Mark Isaacs
Nicholas and Amanda Stonnington
Dr Michael and Katie Stonnington
Cynthia and Dennis Mitchell
John Haeny / Unity Creative Services
Nerida Tyson-Chew
Sally Howland
Kathryn Westlake
John Weiley