Project Description

May 2012 – The Burdekin Crew – ‘Eyes Wide Open’

‘Eyes Wide Open’ was created as part of the 2012 ‘Song Nation’ Project – a partnership between Desert Pea Media and The Smugglers Of Light Foundation, with financial assistance from APRA. (Australasian Performing Rights Association). Song Nation was presented at Vibe Alive festival Townsville on 26th July 2012.

The song was written, recorded and filmed as part of a three-day mentoring program at Ayr High School, Ayr QLD. This is The Burdekin Crew’s second track, having participated in the project in 2011. Since the unprecedented success of their last song titled ‘Fresh Ayr’, the crew has since started running workshops in local primary schools, actively learning about culture and history and being ambassadors for their people. They were even flown to Sydney to perform at the ‘Yabun Festival’ in Sydney in January!!!

Their new song ‘Eyes Wide Open’ looks at celebrating the success of Indigenous young people, of knowing who you are and where you come from and of being proud and strong. ‘eyes wide open walking into the sun, pride in my people, roll as one’.

In 2012, the Song Nation team consisted of Toby Finlayson (Facilitator/ DOP/ Artistic Director), Joel ‘Roc West’ Westlake (Composer/ Musical Director), Gail Mabo (Mentor/ Choreographer), Jan Westlake (Production/ Tour Manager) and Nigel Westlake (Co – Composer/ Producer)