Project Description

May 2012 – The Gowrie Boys – ‘Take Me Home’

‘Take Me Home’ was created as part of the 2012 ‘Song Nation’ Project – a partnership between Desert Pea Media and The Smugglers Of Light Foundation, with financial assistance from APRA (Australasian Performing Rights Association).┬áThis song follows the story of the traditional star constellation of the Torres Strait Islands, known as tagai and symbolizes the strong connection to ancestral lands — you must follow tagai in order to return home.

Through the creative process, this story became a metaphor for creating change in Indigenous and Torres Strait communities and challenges young people to follow their ‘destiny’ to become a strong, positive role model for their people.

The opening verse feature a story that follows a young man’s life from first initiation (where a young man catches his first ‘warru’ or turtle) and symbolizes his cultural connections and the process of accepting cultural responsibility.

The second verse then moves to ‘today’ and the challenges of education – entering the ‘real world’ and teaching our children to be leaders in their own right. ‘Take Me Home’ celebrates culture and community, the role of men in our society and is a powerful anthem for young indigenous men worldwide.

Special thanks to Christian Gordon, Pelly Morganson and St Teresa’s College, Abergowrie.

We pay our respects to the Warragamay people – traditional owners of the country upon which this story was told.

*Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that photographs/videos may contain images of deceased persons, which may cause sadness or distress.


Reece Daniels Duwadi Tabua Clarence Bowen Darius Morton
Samson Kelly Stanton Jackson Moa Newman Barry Newman
Albert Gorringe Hamish Yeatman


We stand at the first light – feet feel sand
Paint on my skin, spear in my right hand
Written in the stars since time began
When warru (turtle) vs warrior — boy become man

Understand- my heart beat in my chest
No father following, fight to the death
Strength in the knowledge that’s mine to protect
Deep breath young bala (brother) rise to the test

He stands at the school gate — Backpack heavy
Palms sweaty, knees jelly, butterflies in his belly
Bala born ready (huh)
Life testing me – just ahead of me
Lies my destiny

Letting you know that you never alone
Ancestors protecting you, watching you grow
Star light shine, tagai taking you home
The brotherhood telling you — reap what you sow

Follow your path
Follow your road
Stars in the night sky take me home
Tagai take me home.

Stands in the real world, breeze at his back
Keys to the kingdom stashed in his backpack
Map like a chart that you read after dark
Telling you — follow you path — follow your heart

From the start it was hard – we were born to dream
To be seen — to achieve, yep — born to believe
From a seed to a tree growing deep in the scrub
Boy become man who was born to love

Stands with his boy on the beach in the wind
In the same place where the first journey begins
(huh) sing to my son. Speak to the spirits in my native tongue.
(Whoa) to the beat of the drum
The journey’s just begun

Follow your path
Follow your road
Stars in the night sky take me home
Tagai take me home.

Abergowrie College Students — Co-Writers
Toby Finlayson – Director/ Co-Writer/ Cinematographer/ Editor
Joel Westlake — Composer /Music Director/ Co-Writer
Nigel Westlake — Co-Composer/ Audio Mixing
Gail Mabo — Cultural Consultant/ Mentor/ Choreographer