“Rarely in life do ideas become reality, better and more life affirming than the dream. Song Nation 2012 is one such experience, exceeding all expectations.

BRAVO to all our participants this year. Congratulations on your performances and awesomely strong and generous spirits. You inspire us!”

– Janice Loquet Westlake (producer Song Nation 2012)

We invite you to share these stories of pride, respect, reconciliation and hope for the future.

The Gowrie Boys – Take Me Home

The Curry All Sorts – Kurithila Pride

The Burdekin Crew – Eyes Wide Open

The Burrula Mob – Playtime’s Over

Performed and recorded by:

Ayr State High School

Bakoi Bero
Amber Sutherland
Martina Monday
Stephanie Monday
Isabel Tabo
Jemima Sutherland
Deliah Doolah
Rullington Zaro
Reggie Zaro
Jamaine White
David Mitchell
Tat-Jack Zaro
Dzjhan Monday

Abergowrie College

Reece Daniels
Moa Newman
Duwadi Tabua
Albert Gorringe
Hamish Yeatman
Gibson Nai
Barry Newman
Yosepha Kepa
Samson Kelly
Stanton Jackson
Sterlin Bassini
Clarence Bowen
Darius Morton

Richmond Hill State School

Ebony Reid
Alyssa Congoo
Keyah Smith-Wehrman
Morgan Staub
Chejuana Simpson
Tayla King
Munashe Marevanhema
Blaine Briffa
Patrick Pearson
Edrick Swan
Nathaniel Kyle
Dallas Quakawoot

Cloncurry State School

Telisha Crisp
Samantha Parkes
Erica Waters
Aaron Bickerton
Donovan George
Matthew Allen
Victoria Hardingham
Tanisha Sarmardin
Samilee Kum Sing

With special thanks to:

Mirella Buffa – Ayr State High School

Christian Gordon – Abergowrie College

Fay Staub – Richmond Hill State School

Pete Keen – Cloncurry State School

Gavin Jones  / Mayrah Sonter – Deadly Vibe Group

Meredith Burton / Claire Sullivan / Brigitte Jonas – Out There productions

Partners & Sponsors: